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Company overview

APWDS is a family owned and  operated  company  providing specialist  warehousing, distribution  and  supply  chain  services.  The  Company  commenced   operations  In  Melbourne in  2008,   when  a  long-standing relationship with a world  renowned manufacturer and distributor   formed   the  basis  for  establishing  a  dedicated   National  warehousing  and  distribution service.

Our core competencies include providing logistics and supply chain services in the food & beverage  sectors  and  include a  comprehensive  range  of  services  including  wharf transport,  storage,  handling  and  distribution. The  family  business  culture  at  APWDS ensures  a  continuing  commitment  to  providing  our  customers  with  a  personalised  and professional service that is never compromised.


APWDS operates a warehousing operation in Truganina in Melbourne’s western suburbs.  We  have a  dedicated  team  of  specialist staff  chosen  for  their  experience  and  skills  in handling  the  demands  of  a  national  distribution  company.  All  our  staff  are  regularly  trained  in  the  specific  requirements for  each  activity  and  keep  abreast  of  recent  developments in each area